“Sweet bit of binding” – Cataloguing Puzzles

This is so interesting and definitely worth a read! I’m geeking out over this! Library lovin!

University of Glasgow Library

Sweet blog 1 Manuscript note in pencil in Ferguson Af-b.30. Who would write this?

Explaining what rare book cataloguing entails can be tricky at times, but in the simplest terms you are carrying out two tasks:-

  1. Fully describing an item in order to make it discoverable for researchers, and…
  2. Solving puzzles

There are other tasks which go hand in hand with the above, but if I was ever asked to explain rare book cataloguing in 15 words or less, the description above would be a pretty good attempt.

The discoverable part can involve:-

  • Tracing authorship of the whole or parts of a work where it is unclear, in order to enable researchers to focus on a particular author, editor, translator, commenter, illustrator, bookseller, etc.
  • Correct and consistent transcription of title and publication information (often extremely tricky with early Latin and Gothic script texts) to assist in locating rare and useful works and their various states
  • Modernising…

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Things to do in Autumn/Winter

Every year I seem to hibernate when it gets cold, I no longer want to venture outside for fear of being frozen to death and belief that everything stops when Summer is over. Last year I promised myself I would experience all I could having a Winter to remember!

I live in a relatively small City with not much going on but thats completely untrue, there was an abundance of things to do!

I started off by exploring the countryside around my village Tak

ing with me my camera. Whilst having my daily dose of fresh air and exercise I captured the changing trees and the warm colours of the landscape. Though I am not fond of exercise it was good fun, instead of festering in the house with the heating on, I donned my fluffy jumpers and snuggly scarves.

After loving spending time outside, my boyfriend suprised me with a mini break to a log cabin in the Dales, there was no phone reception at all which was suprisingly relaxing! We spent evenings lounging in the hot tub  and the day time visiting the local attractions. My favourite was exploring the Forbidden Corner, it was amazing and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. We also walked along the forest trail leading to Asgarth Falls which was spectacular, the noise of the falls was overwhelming and the aesthetics were something that you could only  find in a nature magazine.

Back in York we found many seasonal activities to do, from visitng St Nics fayre in the city centre to seeing the lights of Illuminating York which were projected on all the cities landmarks such as the Minster and The Museum Gardens. It was so pretty and really did bring a new *light* to the architecture of York.

This year I am starting with Kaboom at Castle Howard (one of my favourite  places to visit) which is a firework display with a Halloween theme! Now its time to decide what to wear!

Whatever you are doing this Winter make sure you have fun!

K x

lifes clearout

Somehow every year when it gets to winter I end up having a life clearout, I get rid of all my old clothes that are clogging up my wardrobe, making room for all the new ones I have bought out of impulse !  I end up getting a new job, and it just so happens that I am coming to the end of my contract at Explore Libraries and applying for a new post *fingers crossed*. Theres also a big event looming over me, soon I am taking my practical driving test for the third time! Whoever says it is easy is lying…I am not a practical person, my coordination is shocking. But I know that I need to do it for myself, not to plaster it on Facebook and shout – look at me I can drive!!! But for my independance and to prove that I can do it, even if it takes me a hundred years!

My advice is not to be scared of change, it is good to have a life clearout and although chucking out clothes isnt a big deal it is a form of change, I am getting rid of a little bit of the old me – making room for the new me (and clothes!!) . Although this might sound like mindless dribble to some people, it might be relevant to others.

 Out with the old and in with the new and maybe I might pass my test this time…

K x

Introduction to me!

Hi, my name is Kelly.

My aim is to look for the wonderful things in life and tell you all about what I have found!

I work for a Libraries and Archives company in the UK which has evolved and blossomed in this last year, it has spun out from Council control and created an amazing community focused ethos which is reflected in all of its 14 Libraries around the City. So expect posts geeking out about Libraries and books!

I also have an interest for travelling, seeing new places and enjoying them! I love to go abroad but I also like to appreciate whats wonderful in the UK, which is a lot! I have a recent passion for Historic houses and estates,  taking guided tours and marvelling at the complex past of the building.  I sometimes wish I could live in these beautiful places!

Blogging is a new thing for me , I like to share what I love and hope that you love it too!

Kelly ♥